Pokémon Detective Pikachu Trailer (Mew)Two Arrives

The release of the first live-action Pokémon movie, Detective Pikachu, is only three months away, and the second full trailer was shown to the world. This trailer is two minutes long, and it reveals some previously unknown (or unseen) details for the movie.

This trailer further outlines the basis of the movie’s plot. Detective Pikachu is an amnesiac, and he meets the protagonist Tim Goodman because his father’s name and address is written in his hat. The movie is about the pair working together to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of Tim’s father, and presumably what happened to Detective Pikachu as well.

Despite having no memories, Detective Pikachu has a lot of sass, and there is no shortage of it shown in this trailer. He is a wise-cracking coffee addict (though he swears that “he can quit whenever”). He isn’t afraid to mouth back at others either, even though other Pokémon (and Tim) can hear his comments.  This Pikachu also exudes an air of confidence, which he may or may not be able to follow up on. In one particular instance, Detective Pikachu is about to go into a battle. While he initially starts off confident, he realizes he’s in too far over his head and begs to Tim, “Get me the hell out of here.”

This also sets up the tone of the movie, which seems oriented towards an older audience rather than children. This is unusual, as most of the series’ prior installments are more family-friendly, toning down the potential violence that could be seen in Pokémon battles. It is interesting to note that in this trailer, when Detective Pikachu is going to battle Charizard, the battle takes place in a caged arena. This is unlike anything seen in the series before, and evokes a more illegal dog-fighting vibe to Pokémon battles.

Along with Pokémon battles, the trailer also showed more of glimpse into a daily life with Pokémon. As seen in the trailer, some Pokémon are employed to work with humans, like a Ludicolo working at a coffee shop, a Machamp directing traffic, and Loudred helping club DJs.

Of course, many new Pokémon designs were seen in this trailer, including some fan favorites like Flareon and Snorlax, as well as the big reveal at the end: Mewtwo.  The Pokémon’s reveal is epic, as it comes exploding out of a giant Pikachu balloon. It is smooth rather than furry, which emphasizes its man-made nature. The trailer doesn’t offer any clues at how Mewtwo could be related to the plot, but we can assume it will be involved in a major way.

This trailer is the first major reveal for “Pokémon Week,” a weeklong series of streams and announcements commemorating the series’ anniversary on Feb. 27. The next scheduled announcement is a special Pokémon-focused Nintendo Direct, which launched earlier today.

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