Pokken Tournament began life as an idea for a Pokemon themed Taiko Drum Master

Pokken Tournament has already a hugely respectable fanbase, this blend of Pokemon and Tekken has built things up and made Pokemon truly exciting and different, however this arcade style fighter could have been something entirely different if Bandai Namco had their way.

When Bandai Namco was meeting with The Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara, there was interest in creating a Pokemon-themed version of the rhythm series Taiko Drum Master. Ishihara was actually the one who suggested doing something different.

“Mr. Ishihara actually said, ‘If we’re going to work with Bandai Namco, I want to do a collaboration with Tekken,’” Pokken Tournament producer Katsuhiro Harada told The Verge.

Now all this is history but it is nice to receive the backstory to the game and you know what the Pokemon Companies input was for the best as Pokken Tournament is a game that most people actually want to play.

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