Pokken Tournament confirmed for Wii U

Since it was first announced for arcades fan of the Pokemon franchise and the Wii U have been pining for Pokken Tournament to be announced for the Wii U. While this fighter in the vein of Tekken is perfect for arcades in an era where the arcade is not so big and the game won’t get out there to everyone who wants to play it, sticking to the arcade would have been a silly idea. Thankfully at the Pokemon World Tournament it was today announced that Pokken Tournament would indeed be fighting its way onto the Wii U. The game will arrive sometime around Spring of 2016.

Here is the trailer for the Wii U version of Pokken Tournament:

According to a recent report as well it appears the game could feature Amiibo support, could there be a line of Amibo’s for Pokken Tournament on the horizon?

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