Pokken Tournament is not the main Pokemon thing is store for 2016

Next year the Pokemon franchise hits a true milestone, its 20th anniversary, it is such a great occasion but the question is how do we get to celebrate the milestone, do we get a new game? A major console entry? The best Pokemon game ever? Well, we know the answer to one of these questions the 20th anniversary will bring Wii U owners a new exciting Pokemon experience in Pokken Tournament, but what else is there for us? What else will we get? Nintendo World Report decided to find out and asked The Pokemon Company’s J.C Smith if Pokken Tournament was intended to be the main attraction for the series 20th anniversary, in which he answered with a vague no. After being pushed further he let slip this additional information:

“I’m splitting hairs. No, there’s lots of stuff planned for the 2016 year but nothing I can talk about now.”

I expect by the end of 2016 we should be seeing a whole lot of Pokemon based games being announced. During the same conversation Smith has also said that Flowers will be important to Pokemon’s future, what could this mean is anyone’s guess.

What 2016 could bring is unknown and The Pokemon Company is not letting it slip what they have in store for the anniversary, we could see one game of equal importance to Pokken Tournament or there could be several. I am personally hoping for a Pokemon Snap 2 on the Wii U, I would buy that in a heartbeat.

What do you think The Pokemon Company has in store, let us know in the comments below.


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