Prepare to put your WARFACE on to the Xbox 360.

The German-based company of Crytek ( developers of Crysis) have announce that their free-to-play first-person-shooter PC game,WarFace, is now arriving on Xbox 360. As of today,you can register to get access to the beta by registering here.

But don’t think for a second that if you have a silver account on Xbox live that you’ll be able to play the beta or the full game that is set to come out this Spring. You’ll need an Xbox Live Gold Subscription to gain access to the game,but once you do have Gold, WarFace will be free-to-play on Xbox when the game does come out.

Do you have your WARFACE on?


I am unsure how Crytek is going to go in the way of picking individuals for the beta,but if you do want to increase your chances of getting in, Major Nelson has 50 instant beta keys he is giving away. All you have to do is email him ( the correct answer on what the four types of classes are in WarFace. He will randomly pick the 50 lucky individuals that get instant access to the beta. Spoiler alert, the answer is Rifleman,Engineer,Sniper,and Medic (Your Welcome).

Also,there is a new trailer for the Xbox 360 version of WarFace here if your not already convinced by the Free-to-play part.



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