Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 will not run at 1080p on Xbox One

A demo was recently released for Konami upcoming next installment in their soccer franchise, Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 on the Xbox store. With its release some dark news has been uncovered some seedy stuff that will spark a revolution among the technical and graphical enthusiasts. It is true blasphemy Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 does not run at 1080p on the Xbox One.

A statement made by product manger of Pro Evolution Soccer Adam Bhatti says that Konami decided to keep the revolution “just shy” of 1080p in favor of game quality and better frames per second.

According to another message made by Bhatti he says that:

“Very confident no one will be able to tell the difference.”

I don’t know about that the smallest nit-pickiest technical enthusiasts will uncover this in seconds and bring war to Konami’s doorstep.

The demo for Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 arrived on the Xbox Store on August 13th. There is not long to wait now for the full game which will arrive in North America on September 15th, and will follow with a European release on September 17th.

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