Project Cars has been delayed once again

Project Cars has quite a history already and has become quite well known for a very specific reason, this reason is simply for its almost constant delay’s every time we think we are getting closer to the game the developers at Slightly Mad Studios seem to delay the game once again. For those who don’t know the game’s history however Project Cars was supposed to arrive in 2014, but after seeing delays was moved back to March, it was then announced last month that Project Cars was seeing delays again pushing it back a couple of weeks into April. Again though we are seeing the game take another delay, this time pushing the game back to a hopeful release in mid-May, this is what the developers and publisher Bandai Namco announced today.

According to the studio the game is 99.9% complete however the other .1% is filled with many bugs and problems, and dealing these little problems has proven trickier then intended.

“We’re absolutely dedicated to delivering a ground-breaking experience and by targeting mid-May fans can be assured that’s what they’ll receive,” a developer at Slightly Mad Studio had to say.

Though potential players of the game will be receiving some compensation for the wait, on launch day players will receive a “gift” as Slightly Mad Studios puts it. At the time of writing this “gift” is currently unknown however I am sure over the next month more should be revealed, hopefully this compensation should be worth it to us or there will be many angry people.

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