Project Ukulele image holds a hidden character

Project Ukelele saw its first official game screenshots get released yesterday alongside Playtonic Games sharing new details on the game. However these first official screenshots just like a new trailer have been studied closely, diagnosed, and pulled apart looking for any hidden detail or thing that might not be immediately present, and guess what they found something. Hidden in one of the screenshots is what is believed to be a hidden character, of course I will give you the opportunity to look at it yourself and see if you can spot it above:

I forgive you if you can’t see it to be honest I can’t see it and it simply is because it is well camouflaged, look carefully and you to may spot something but if you can’t look at this below:


I do apologize for the image being small but it still displays what we need to see. As you can see in the image a little green character can be seen hiding in the bushes, what is this characters purpose? I guess we will have to wait and see, but perhaps its a villain waiting to leap on our protagonist, or perhaps a ninja like hero. It is possible to endlessly theorize about this but it is more a matter of waiting and seeing when the developers mention something.


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