PS3 Slimming Down?

Excited anybody. I coudn’t care less. This whole “oh mine’s thinner” thing never mattered to me.  I’m happy as long as my fat console works properly.

Though I might be getting ahead of myself. This may only be rumor as a Sony representative declared, “We do not comment on rumor or speculation.” However, that’s not what a Federal Communications Commission filing said. Picked up by Japanese website Pocket News, the report announces a new 4000 series PS3 model. The report doesn’t mention the demensions of this new model, but Eurogamer claims to know the when and where of the release of the 4000 series.

We’re currently on the 3000 series. Specifically, the CECH-4001x model is mentioned, and this could relate to a slimmer PS3, which Eurogamer has heard will be announced at German game show Gamescom next month.

Of course 3 years ago, Sony announced at Gamescon the first slimmed down version of the original 2006 model. The current PS3 Slim is 32% smaller, 36% lighter, and utilized 34% less power.

Last month at E3, Eurogamer asked Sony executive Shuhei Yoshida if the PS3 was going to take on another slim-down. The question prompted a Beiberesque response from Yoshida, “Never say never.”

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