Quake Champions Enters Early Access

After a summer-long closed beta, Quake Champions is now an early-access game. The Champions Pack, which includes access to all and future champions, may be purchased through Bethesda.net or through Steam for 29.99 USD – full release price will be 39.99 USD.

The early access version includes two new maps, new customization options, and new champion Doom Slayer. There will also be tutorial videos and target practice for low-skill players, Lore items that will unlock Lore skins for champions, and Rune Challenges for players to unlock and complete.

There are six new champions planned to be added by the end of 2018, which Early Access purchasers will get as added. Purchase of the Champions Pack also unlocks a skin for the Ranger champion and three reliquaries, the top-tier in-game reward chest that includes goodies like skins or customization options for player profiles.

Those who were in the Closed Beta may continue to play the game in free-to-play-mode, with access to only one champion, through Bethesda.net only. Those who were not in the Closed Beta must purchase the Early Access version to play. The official free-to-play version of Quake Champions will come later.

Closed beta players who opt not to purchase Early Access will nonetheless play on the same servers as those who do purchase it.


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