Quantum Break is the best selling new intellectual property for Microsoft on the Xbox One

This past week saw the release of a major game for Microsoft’s Xbox One in the form of Quantum Break a game brought to us by Alan Wake developer Remedy. In looking at everything this game really could have been hit or miss but among fans and critics Quantum Break has received a mostly positive response and in terms of sales it shows. Quantum Break has been the best selling new Microsoft intellectual property in its opening weekend on the Xbox One to date.

On the UK Charts which surfaced recently Quantum Break has reached the number one spot achieving a goal that only one previous Xbox One exclusive has managed to acquire this being Rare Replay. Alongside the news of the game hitting the top of the UK charts a spokesperson shared:

“We are excited to announce that Quantum Break is now the biggest selling, new Microsoft Studios IP this generation.”

We must also take into account that this game did also arrive with a PC version which would have also attributed to the games sales, however it has overshadowed major new games such as Ryse Son of Rome, Sunset Overdrive and even Ori and the Blind Forest. With today’s news however I think it will be safe to assume that Quantum Break my end being more then a one time franchise.

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