Random Game Trivia of the week 28/10/14 Mass Effect

Making decisions can be a hard thing and sometimes the choices you make leave repercussions on you particularly in games, franchises like Mass Effect and Tell Tales the Walking Dead know this pain all to well. We often must choose between life and death and sacrifice one person for another which makes us sad but unfortunately decisions have to be made and we are forced to live with them. Mass Effect easily stands as one of the strongest forces in this idea particularly when you have to make the tough choice in saving a character but of course sacrificing the other.

Interestingly if you chose Kaidan Alenko as the living squad member (leaving Ashley Williams to die in Mass Effect 1) you can see Ashley’s ghost on the Citadel in a cutscene. If you chose Ashley in Mass Effect 1, nobody is standing in her place.

This is really interesting and it really makes a point on how relevant Ashley is to the game and it does seem strange that they don’t do the same with Kaiden but I would say this is because they never expected anybody to select Kaiden as the living member as Honest Game Trailers put it best when they say Kaiden is the guy you let die because he is not a pretty girl.

Either way I will have a new piece of trivia for you next week.

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