Razer Announces New Huntsman Mini Keyboard

When it comes to high-quality peripherals for competitive gamers, Razer is part of a very short list. Among these is the Huntsman line of keyboards, featuring optical switches and sturdy “Doubleshot” PBT keycaps (introduced initially with the Huntsman Tournament Edition keyboard) to ensure long product life and responsive performance.

The Huntsman, being a full-sized keyboard, is a tight squeeze for people who have limited desk space. It’s equally frustrating for pro gamers who travel to a venue only to be seated at a short narrow desk.

That’s why Razer has announced its new Huntsman Mini Keyboard. It’s about 60% the size of a standard Huntsman, keeping all of the primary keys in place while deleting the numeric keypad, function keys, and arrow keys. The functionality is still there, accessible as secondary functions which are designated with labels along the sides of various keycaps. And further functionality can be added through Razer’s Hypershift and Synapse 3  software.


Aesthetically, the keyboard shares feature with its larger cousins. The keys are individually backlit and controllable through the Razer Chroma RGB software, boasting almost 17 million possible color combinations per key. The casing is currently available in Black or Mercury White finishes.

The PBT keycaps are undoubtedly replaceable, allowing gamers to truly make their particular Huntsman Mini a distinctive personal statement, whether it’s at home or a tournament venue. The key switches themselves have an expected lifespan of approximately 100 million keystrokes. Connectivity is established through a USB-C cable.

Currently, there are two options available with regards to the Huntsman Mini. The purple “clicky” optical switches are available right now, while the red “linear” optical switches will be available next month. The MSRP for the Huntsman Mini will be $129.99, and it can be purchased either at authorized Razer retailers or online through Razer’s website.

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