ReCore has been given an official release date, new gameplay trailer

Out of Microsoft’s E3 conference last year I only took away at least one thing I cared about, ReCore this game had a lot of charm and looked like it could be really enjoyable and that was just from a simple cinematic. This was the game I was looking forward to seeing most from Microsoft and they have not disappointing, the game showed off a brand new trailer which seems to provide a bit more story for those interested as well as showing off core ideas for the gameplay which includes some interesting platforming challenges and plenty of robots.

In regards to the story ReCore will focus on the story of Joule, a young girl in the far-off land of Far Eden, attempting to save humanity with her robot friends such as Mack, Seth, and Duncan, each with their own set of skills. ReCore looks like it could be a great game and hopefully it will not disappoint, the game has been revealed to be coming to the Xbox One and Windows 10 on September 13th.

You can check out the gameplay trailer below:

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