Reggie says Nintendo will not ditch the Gamepad

Just as Microsoft has just done with the Xbox One in removing the Kinect, people have been calling for Nintendo to make a Wii U system and remve the Gamepad so they can sell it cheaper, while I personally think these people are definitely not realising how stupid the idea is given how clever the control system is people are still constantly calling for Nintendo to drop the Gamepad. Nintendo’s president of America Reggie Fils-Aime has spoken out about this thought and has said the following statement:

“For us, that is not part of our vision. We believe that the GamePad is an integral part of Wii U.”

“During this week, we’re going to be showcasing other ways for utilizing the GamePad, and this has been a priority for Mr. Miyamoto. He, himself, has dedicated a lot of his personal energy to showing what can be done with the GamePad to really bring it to life. We’re committed to it. We believe that it is a key innovation that, otherwise, all you’re doing is making prettier pictures and using faster processors, and not bringing a lot of uniqueness in terms of gameplay.”

Well there you have it Nintendo has no plans to ditch the Gamepad and why should they, these people just need to start realising how clever the system and the controller is and quit complaining. Bravo Nintendo for standing your ground.

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