Resident Evil 6 Comin’ this October!

I’m ashamed that I didn’t post this earlier, but homework duties called. I love the franchise minus the doozy that was Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Good news is that the next RE will be released in a mere 4 months on October 2 to try and make up for last one. It will be available for the PS3 and Xbox 36o. There will be the two-player co-op, but also four-player co-op in a few missions as well.

It’s in these specific missions that two other gamers playing co-op will be able to join your co-op game, and help accomplish a larger goal. This four-player co-op experience will feature two distinct perspectives and sometimes alternate goals, and will not be hindered typical gamebreakers like inactive players or ill-equipped ones.
The goal with Crossover is to give four players, playing in sets of two, a unique opportunity to team up in a way that has never before been featured in a game. Overall details about the connectivity of two play throughs was unclear, but it does appear that Crossover isn’t an online co-op mode for friends. Still, Capcom wanted to reiterate that the four-player co-op should never impact the gameplay experience, and is completely optional.



There will be three overlapping storylines with characters you will recognize from older RE games. Leon Kennedy will be shooting through the undead universiy campus body, and Chris Redfield will be in China battling a zombie outbreak on the streets. An all-grown-up Sherry Birkin from RE2 will be joining a new character named Jake Muller (son of the evil Albert Wesker) to combat the walkers in a fake Eastern European country named Edonia. They will all be working to get to Ada Wong, who may be behind all the shenanigans. It sounds complicated, but what is RE if not complicated. The zombie fanatic in me just wants to kill as many zombs as possible. Here’s the E3 trailer and some gameplay:

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