Have you ever played “Evil Nun: Horror at school” on your smartphone? Then you must remember how scary it is to run away from a creepy nun. The game’s developers created the game in 2018, and it’s been a huge success. On October 31, a game for PC, Playstation and Xbox based on this game was released on STEAM for early access. It is called “Evil Nun: The Broken Mask” and was also developed by Keplerians. So now you can experience all the horror of the nun chase not on the small screen of a mobile device, but on the computer screen. Or is it not just about the horror, but the excitement comparable to playing playamo casino review?

The backstory of this game in the survival horror genre is very similar to the plot of the old game about the nun. The hero of the game was supposed to go to the religious summer camp, but in the end, he finds himself in a half-destroyed old creepy school. In the schoolyard, the hero sees a strange boy locked in a booth, and the next minute Sister Madeline hits him with a hammer. Then the protagonist finds himself in a little room and must escape from the school and Sister Madeline within five days. The first thing that can impress you is how all the rooms and scenery are well-detailed. Whether it’s the dining room, the old school toilet, abandoned garden, the old painting class, or the room where Sister Madeline prays to Satan, every room is thoughtfully detailed with plates, pictures, books, figurines, or other small objects.

The courtyard of the abandoned school with its fountain looks both creepy and beautiful. Unlike the original game, we now have the entire school grounds available to play with, and we can even see a piece of the forest. To some extent, we can even call it picturesque and beautiful. Of course, you won’t be able to enjoy the scenery for a long time, because a scary nun can appear near you any time. Throughout the escape game, the protagonist finds a lot of different items to solve puzzles, open new rooms and eventually escape from the old school. As before, you can hide from the nun in wardrobes and under tables. You can even open a hidden room, a secret bunker, in the process of escaping. Another interesting detail is the appearance of William Bismarck. This character from Evil Nun also appears in Evil Nun: The Broken Mask as the strange man with blue hands. All these details make the game very interesting. Depending on how much detail you want to explore the school, the walkthrough can last one hour or several hours.

The game can be played in one of the following modes: ghost mode, easy mode, normal mode, camera mode, difficult mode and extreme mode. Ghost mode, where the nun can’t see and catch you, is perfect for looking around all the buildings of the school. Extreme mode is for real experts in survival horror games. And this game is interesting because depending on the type of escape from a nun, your hero can get different achievements and even get to the mysterious room with candles. So, you can escape from the nun through the main door of the school, or you can escape from the school on the van, on which the other nun, Sister Philippa drives the laundry.

Technically the game is made on Unreal Engine 5 and doesn’t differ from other survival horror games from an ego perspective. But the special liveliness of the game is brought by special effects and music. For example, when the protagonist is running, his fear is almost physically transmitted to the player. Unlike the original mobile game, now the nun even knows how to talk. So, when she approaches the protagonist, she speaks creepy phrases, and this enhances the effect of the chase. In general, no matter what mode you play, the game makes a creepy impression, because the nun can get you almost everywhere and can climb.

In general, this game from Keplerians is a real masterpiece and a worthy game in the survival horror genre. And according to information from the developer, there may be updates to this game in the future.

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