Rise Of The Ronin Update Brings Several New Features Including New Challenging Missions

It seems with every new update Rise of the Ronin gets better and better, and with its most recent update, Update 1.05, Team Ninja has made several changes to the game. One of the biggest highlights of these updates is the new batch of missions which includes one of the most difficult missions added to the game thus far. Along with these new missions, the game has had some quality-of-life improvements and some much-needed changes to cat collecting.

In a recent post on X (formerly Twitter) as seen below, Team Ninja breaks down everything that will be included in the 1.05 update. As mentioned before, the main highlight is the new missions which includes five new ally missions for the game’s Midnight difficulty. Three of these missions will have players acting as volunteer security as they “team up and improve local security in Unruly Areas”

However, out of all the missions, the most notable is Eternal Night, which the developers have dubbed “the most difficult mission thus far.” There have also been several adjustments made to many of the game’s bonuses such as Ferocious Tiger, which has received a new forward dodge and the Blade Flash attack. Prodigious Dragon has also received some new attacks such as Last Ditch Counterspark, Neutral Combat and much more.

To sweeten the deal, Unruly Areas can now also be manually reset for those who like to farm for certain drops. Additionally, players will be able to mix styles while holding two of the same weapons for some extra versatility. Alongside this, the cats you’ve collected will now be placed around Usugumo Dayu and… you can pet them!

These are just some of the adjustments made to Rise of the Ronin, along with the new missions that have been added with the update, a more detailed breakdown is available on the game’s official website. Hopefully, with the new additions, players will be kept busy for quite a while.

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