Rock Band 4 getting online multiplayer this Winter

If your game is capable of having online multiplayer it is pretty much expected that it will have it at launch or receive it later on, this is the case with Rock Band 4. Following the likes of the competition Guitar Hero Live which heavily featured online in its gameplay, Harmonix is getting set to add the feature into their game. Harmonix has been listening to the requests of fans of the game and has heard the cries for the ability to verse one another online in the game and made the official reveal it is happening at PAX East.

This feature will play similarly to Quickplay mode. There will also be modifications made for players who match up and do not have the same additional content. It has been revealed that the feature will be arriving this Winter, however it has only been confirmed for the Playstation 4 at the present moment, Xbox One news should surface in the future.

Harmonix has released a new trailer for the game announcing the online multiplayer feature which you can check out below:

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