Huge surprise could be unveiled tonight at Wrestlemania,now that WWE are officially teasing Steve Austin and The Rock to be in town for Mania,a wild speculation emerged that both icons could engage in a fourth match at Wrestlemania 31,and that would be the main and biggest surprise that WWE has planned to keep until the show is over.

Why it could happen? Because it would draw a lot,despite their age their match is gonna sell tickets and put butts in seats,plus obviously the WWE wants to secure an attraction for next Mania.
Austin said that he respects The Rock and wants his last match to be with him,so its either Mania XIX or Mania 31,that shall squash the speculations that he will face Punk.

2014-04-06 21_03_53-Dwayne Johnson (TheRock) on Twitter

Plus – Why would WWE tease The Rock’s tweets about being in New Orleans if he isnt gonna be on the show? They are just keeping the surprises very well,at one point there was a rumored Brock vs Rock match for Mania 31 but that might not happen and thats why Austin vs Rock IV sounds like a solid plan B,its debatable whether Stone Cold can work a long match but he has said recently that he might have one more match in him,he is not as banged up as Hogan for example.

Its just a wild speculation but The Rock and Austin might have an encounter at one point in the show – in the ring or backstage,and the match could be sealed for next year,maybe with a year long build like Rock vs Cena.

What would lead me into thinking this match will not happen is the Rock’s movie schedule – he is very busy and Im not sure if he will be able to appear more than once in next year’s Mania season,he confirmed that he will work Wrestlemania 31 tho,so its still a possibility.Another thing is that Stone Cold might just work as a special guest ref in one of the matches but that will be lot minor than the revival of the classic rivalry.
Its still a rumor,take it with a grain of salt,but if it happens you heard it here first.

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