Rocket League getting a car antenna based on The Witcher 3

Another collaboration is coming to Rocket League next week and is just as pointless as the rest, much like this weeks Euro Truck Simulator 2 content and the previous Dying Light you will getting something that adds nothing to the game.

Next week along with the release of the basketball mode Psyonix will be releasing an antenna for your car based on Geralt from The Witcher 3’s medallion. To explain this inclusion Psyonix stated that it was “an apt choice in anticipation of their upcoming Blood and Wine expansion.” Reportedly many of the developers at Psyonix are fans of CD Projekt Red and their fantasy series so this idea was born from that, with discussions taking place in 2015. CD Projekt Red was also a fan of Rocket League so the collaboration began there and soon we will have the fruits of their labor.


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