New Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE trailer shows off gameplay and story

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is looking to be a confusing game, by its very nature this is born from the rough combination of elements presented in the game however this does not mean it does not look fun. I just know Nintendo has released a brand new trailer for the game and this game is looking both fun and has left me with even more questions.

In this trailer it shows off pieces of the story regarding characters wanting to become idols along with a seemingly dark force, that takes control of someone else. The trailer shows off multiple characters and a battle sequence, however it is in these sections where I get lost, perhaps its the lack of Shin Megami Tensei knowledge but combat looks confusing, and I am not sure about the Fire Emblem side. Still you should check out the new trailer for yourself and see what you can understand, luckily it is full of style and is quite colorful.  I have placed it below for your enjoyment:


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