Rumor: Splatoon possibly seeing delay in Europe

Could it be true, could Splatoon be seeing a delay in release in Europe, I really hope not however that is exactly what they above image statement is suggesting. Now I will not pretend to understand a single word of what this says, because trust me I don’t but based on what other sources are saying this is suggesting that Splatoon very well could be being delayed in Europe. To be completely exact on where this comes from the image is brought to us by Amazon Italy stating that there is a delay for Splatoon’s release for Europe.  The email goes on to say that the game has been delayed in Europe until July and would ship around July 2 – 7.

The email was posted on a European site that focuses on Nintendo related news and games. At this point in time this is simply a rumor, as until Nintendo officially announces a delay we can not see official fact in this, personally I am really hoping the game does not see a delay from its May release because that also usually affects Australia as well.

However when I think about it this does also seem quite truthful as well given major Wii U releases are usually only around one a month and Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush was confirmed yesterday for a May release in Europe and Australia. I really do hope that Amazon Italy is mistaken and this is simply just a rumor but anything is possible.

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