Rumour: Advertisement suggests New Nintendo 3DS is launching in North America February 13th

One of the great things about living in Australia is that apart from Japan we were the first to be able to get our hands on Nintendo’s latest iteration of the 3DS, sadly though for those who live anywhere else in the world you are still waiting for a release date to be announced for when you might get your hands on this console. As it turns out for you people in North America the release may be almost literally right around the corner, an advertisement from Gamestop might just have given away the release date for the console and maybe even another highly anticipated game.

Gamestop’s ad suggests we could be seeing the New Nintendo 3DS and even Majora’s Mask out as early as February 13th. I will still be marking this as a rumour, though I do see this being the truth, I imagine we will find out for sure during tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct presentation. You will find the advertisement image at the top.On a side note I have had a small amount of time with the console and as it stands it isn’t really anything special and does not really add anything to our games.


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