Scalebound Developer Claims The Game Will Bring Out The Potential Of The Xbox One

According to the director of Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya, The upcoming Xbox One exclusive will “Show the power of what Xbox One can do”.

Platinum Games, famous for games such as Bayonetta believe that Scalebound will take full advantage of the Xbox One hardware.

“So in terms of, say, Scalebound, which is an exclusive title for Xbox One, my ultimate goal and mission is that this will help appeal to, and also heighten the value, of not just my game but also the console, and show the power of what Xbox One can do,” said Kamiya.

Kamiya also said he hopes that Scalebound will prove to be a good investment of the time and money of the players.

“I need to make sure that you get the value, and hopefully even more, for the amount that you’ve paid. So i think that very simple fact is what keeps us going, because our partners see the commitment that we put into the games that we’re making.”

Scalebound launches in 2016 as an Xbox One exclusive. Earlier this month at Gamescom, Platinum confirmed that the game will have multiplayer in the form of 4 player Co-op.  For a closer look at the game, Check out the Gameplay demo below.

What do you think about Scalebound? Do you believe that the game will be as good as Platinum is making it out to be? Let us know in the comments below!

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