Screenshot Saturday – August 7th

Indie game developers share their work progress every week on Twitter with the #ScreenshotSaturday hashtag. In this piece, we take a look at the most interesting and eye-catching screenshots or short videos of indie games shared on Saturday, August 7.

GameLuster has a Screenshot Saturday round-up every week. You can check out the previous list here!

Flavare’s Forest Tileset

The Flavares Forest Tileset

We usually feature indie games in our Screenshot Saturday round-ups, but indie artists such as @ZazaArts also provide assets for other game developers and share them in the hashtag like this tweet. We can’t wait to see this gorgeous pixel art forest background implemented in a game! You can check out their assets and other games on their store page.


We saw some of the creatures we can encounter in Aka (@BarthelemyNamra) a few weeks back, and now in this tweet, we got to see some of the game’s beautiful environment. The waterfall effect is really unique, and the foliage models fit really well with the game’s art style. You can wishlist Aka on Steam right now.

Lost Nova

This beautiful character designed by @encifer for their game Lost Nova was shared in this tweet. The character design looks great, and the art style reminds me of popular animations such as Adventure Time, but it still feels unique. We can’t wait to see what the game looks like!

Tamarak Trail

These monster animations from the game Tamarak Trail were shared by the game’s Twitter page (@tamarak_trail) in this tweet. We see different animations and movements of this character called Sluggard which sounds really appropriate, and they all look amazing. We hope to see more of this game in the coming weeks.

Beacon Pines

Beacon Pines Screenshot

This pretty environment art from Beacon Pines was shared by the game’s Twitter page (@BeaconPines) in this tweet. The art looks so good that I would love to just frame it and hang it on a wall. You can head to the game’s Steam page to wishlist it, and even play the demo version to see how gorgeous the game looks!

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