Indie game developers share their work progress every week on Twitter with the #ScreenshotSaturday hashtag. In this piece, we take a look at the most interesting and eye-catching screenshots or short videos of indie games shared on Saturday, January 22nd.

Game Luster has a Screenshot Saturday round-up every week. You can check out the previous list here.


This short video from Itorah was shared by the developer (@GrimbartTales) in this tweet. We got to see the beautiful atmosphere and environment design of the game and hear the lovely music, and we are really looking forward to seeing more of this game in the future. Itorah is set to release in the spring of 2022, and you can wishlist it on Steam right now.


We’ve seen some beautiful videos from the lovely game, Bo (@SquidShock), in one of our previous roundups. And this week in this tweet, they shared some interesting behind the scene footage showing how the unique visual style of the game is achieved. Another exciting news from Bo is the upcoming Kickstarter campaign on February 1st, so make sure to check out their page and support the development if you like this indie game.

Hijack Overdrive

Hijack Overdrive

This screenshot from Hijack Overdrive was shared by the game’s Twitter page (@HijackOverdrive) in this tweet. The premise of the game is about going into an enemy army and taking over their vehicles and fighting them back with them, which sounds really fun. The developers mentioned that this is a new promo art they are working on, and it’s looking good! You can play the Demo and wishlist Hijack Overdrive on Steam right now, and you can expect the game’s full release in February.

Mortem: Fallen Kingdom

This thrilling scene from Mortem: Fallen Kingdom was shared by the developer (@WarPenguinz) in this tweet. The anticipation and excitement of the gigantic monster approaching from the end of a valley are actually quite reminiscent of the original Tomb Raider’s iconic T-Rex fight. You can wishlist Mortem: Fallen Kingdom on Steam right now.


Learning that a game we featured a long time ago in one of our round-ups is releasing soon is such exciting news, and this week we’re thrilled to hear in this tweet that Harlow (@PlayHarlow) is releasing in a few weeks! The steampunk art style of this 2D puzzle platformer resonated with us since the beginning, and we can’t wait to play the game really soon. You can wishlist Harlow on Steam right now to get notified about the release.

What indies have you got your eye on? Do you like the look of anything Nima found this week? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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