Sea of Stars: All Quiz 1 Answers

In Sea of Stars’ city of Lucent is a hidden venue where you and your party can compete in a trivia show.  In the game, you have to answer various questions about the game’s lore, mechanics, story, and more. Some of the questions the host asks will be quite difficult! Fortunately, this guide covers all answers to the first quiz in Sea of Stars.

How To Access Quiz 1 In Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars

Once you’ve progressed the story far enough that you’re about to leave Lucent, you can acquire a key from one of the spooky villagers. This key will allow you to open the locked shed on the east side of town. 

Inside the shed is a path that will lead you to a mysterious pot-shaped monster who asks you if you want to play a game. He then reveals himself to be the Quiz Master and tells you that he hosts an underground (literally) quiz show!

When you’re finally on stage making your debut, he will ask if you want to take the casual or expert version of his quiz. The big difference here is that expert has more questions than casual, although some questions are shared between the two. This guide covers all questions that you can be asked in either version of the quiz.

Sea of Stars Quiz 1 All Correct Answers

Sea of Stars

  • When is Zale’s birthday?
    • Answer: Summer Solstice
  • Without any equipment, how much MP is recovered from a regular attack?
    • Answer: 3
  • On Evermist Island is a secluded village where Children of the Solstice are delivered. What is the name of that village?
    • Answer: Mooncradle
  • When is Valere’s birthday?
    • Answer: Winter Solstice
  • True or False: Rochevres can be found in the Forbidden Cavern.
    • Answer: False
  • You are facing an enemy with two blunt locks and two sword locks. Which combo move can get you out of this situation?
    • Answer: Solstice Strike
  • What is the name of the spiritual being found at the top of Mountain Trail?
    • Answer: Elder Mist
  • Without any equipment, how much MP does Zale’s Sunball cost?
    • Answer: 8
  • To “use magic without using magic” is to do what, exactly?
    • Answer: Use live mana to boost
  • What is the name of Zenith Academy’s training golem?
    • Answer: Wyrd
  • True or False: Boosting regenerates MP.
    • Answer: False

If you get these questions correct, the Quiz Master will reward you with some valuable Rainbow Conchs. There are plenty more quizzes to answer in Sea of Stars, so make sure to check out GameLuster’s other guides!

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