Shenmue and Shenmue 2 Coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC This Year

During the recent SEGA FES, it was revealed that Shenmue and Shenmue 2 will be arriving on PlayStation4, Xbox One and PC (Steam) this year. This comes after a tease of a huge announcement by Sega Europe’s Twitter account. It will receive a physical copy for consoles and will launch worldwide, which is great news for fans.

Here’s a small snippet of background for Shenmue directly from the Steam page:

Originally released for the Dreamcast in 2000 and 2001, Shenmue I & II is an open-world action adventure combining jujitsu combat, investigative sleuthing, RPG elements, and memorable mini-games. It pioneered many aspects of modern gaming, including open-world city exploration, and was the game that coined the Quick-Time Event (QTE). It was one of the first games with a persistent open world, where day cycles to night, weather changes, shops open and close and NPCs go about their business all on their own schedules. Its engrossing epic story and living world created a generation of passionate fans, and the game consistently makes the list of “greatest games of all time.”

What makes this news especially exciting is the upcoming Shenmue 3, which was announced during E3 2015. It was funded through Kickstarter and was a smashing success. This remaster of Shenmue 1 and 2 will ensure a new generation of gamers can enjoy what has gained a cult classic status.

shenmue hd

Shenmue 3 wasn’t the only big reveal, with a new Sakura Wars game also being announced. This is an old strategy-RPG series that is currently a Japanese exclusive.

It’s a great time to be a fan of classic games with many of them receiving remakes and sequels. Are you hyped for the Shenmue remasters? Let us know in the comments below!

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