Should I Buy?: Miitopia

Gaming is not the cheapest hobby, so much goes into consideration when investing in a new game. My Should I Buy series will help you make final purchasing decisions.

I’m starting with Miitopia.

Game: Miitopia

Platform: 3DS 

Price: $39.99

Miitopia is a game where you get to choose who plays the heroes, the allies, and even the villains using Miis.

The time of peace and prosperity in the land of Miitopia is swiftly ended when a dark lord begins stealing the faces of innocent civilians. It’s your and your team of Miis’ job to reclaim the faces and purge Miitopia of the evil.

There are unique and quirky classes to choose from, and within each you’ll earn new battle attire and weapons, which are as important as the classes themselves.

It’s a lighthearted game with plenty of laughable Mii interactions and interesting landscapes to fight through. If you enjoy games like Pokémon or Tomodachi Life, you’ll likely love Miitopia.

I recommend this game if you enjoy:

  •  Turn-based RPGs
  • Character creation and customization 
  • An easy play
  • Class choice variety
  • Lighthearted games


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Clyde Delabajan
Clyde Delabajan
6 years ago

Another great article! Can’t wait till I get a chance to play it!

1 year ago

Yes you can buy! It’s my fav game!