Simogo co-founder thinks Wii U version of Year Walk is the best version

Year Walk already has a solid history behind it having released on other platforms but next month the game is expected to be redefined as it releases for the Wii U with what the developers expect to be the best version. Co-founder of Simogo Simon Flessler feels that the Wii U will offer the best version of the game which he mentioned while talking to Nintendo World Report:

“All versions of the game have specific things I like about them, but I think the Wii U version is the best version for me. If you didn’t know about the PC or iOS versions, you’d think ‘this is such a Wii U game’. Me and Magnus from Simogo and Rob from Dakko Dakko, we like to design for specific platforms or specific interfaces.”

With the games specific features designed for the Wii U such as motion controls along with the gamepad being able to be used a a censor there are plenty of features that make the version definitive. Flessler discussed the decision behind the features:

“We wanted it to feel as fresh and new as possible, and we didn’t want a simple put it on the GamePad and add touch controls – we wanted it to feel new. Rob proposed because on the PC version you use the mouse to look around and control the pointer, obviously you don’t have a pointer with the GamePad and we didn’t want to do the simple touch. Rob from Dakko Dakko came up with the idea of motion controls to control the cursor, then everything fell into place because you have natural motion interactions with all the different gadgets you find in the world.”

Year Walk will be arriving on the Wii U on September 17th and should hopefully prove to be the greatest version of the game


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