Skylanders Amiibo starting to be sold in dual packs

For the Nintendo versions of this years Skylanders game the biggest selling point was the Nintendo Amiibo characters which utilized Bowser and Donkey Kong bringing the pair into the Skylanders Universe. For many including myself this urged us to buy a version of the game just to have Donkey Kong and/or Bowser, the thing was to get both you needed to purchase two different copies of the game, the Wii or 3DS for Bowser and the Wii U version for Donkey Kong. This now is a long of the past however as some retailers have received the new character and vehicle pack which includes the Amiibo Skylanders, these are selling for $24.99, however while only specific retailers have then now, these characters should be more widely available as of next week. So those who have one version of the game but want the inverse character will now be able to buy them at retail which is really good.

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