Sniper Elite 4 will be releasing with a physical copy

Sniper Elite 4 was announced last week to be coming to the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC however when the game was announced whether or not it would receive a physical copy was in doubt. Now the games publisher Sold Out (that the name of the publisher, not what they did) has obtained the rights to the game receiving a physical copy, following this the company’s president Gary Williams spoke about the opportunity:

It is great to see that British software and development is not only alive and well, but through Rebellion’s efforts, actually flourishing. Sold Out is delighted to be the harbour master for Rebellion’s boxed console journey.  

Things are going well for Sniper Elite developer Rebellion, as their Co-founder and CEO Jason Kingsley expressed excitement about working with Sold Out once more, stating:

We’re extremely excited to be working alongside Sold Out again after the huge success of Zombie Army Trilogy, and this way we can produce the most successful Sniper Elite game to date, not only digitally, but also at retail.

In the US, Sold Out will be teaming up with U&I Entertainment to handle distribution. Once again it is noted that the studio’s previous game Zombie Army Trilogy is a huge factor in the decision. Shane Dodson, Partner at U&I Entertainment said:

This outstanding Triple-A franchise exemplifies Rebellion’s development talent and typifies the quality of product Sold Out / U&I Entertainment is working to bring to US retail.

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