Someone Made Doom Playable On Windows Notepad

As long as an electric current is present, gamers will find a way to play 1993’s Doom. The latest in bafflingly impressive Doom ports has been posted online by Sam Chiet, as he has found a way to play Doom at 60fps in the Windows Notepad application.

Gamers have a wonderful obsession with putting Doom anywhere they can, including a potato-powered calculator and a pregnancy test. Chiet’s text-based Doom joins this prestigious and talented group with his playable Notepad version, which can be seen in its full glory below. The project is not publicly playable yet, but Chiet has said it will be polished to the point of releasable in just a few days.

The creator of Doom, John Romero, had one word to describe the achievement, “incredible”. In a series of follow-up tweets, Chiet gave further information on his Doom port. He clarifies that the footage isn’t sped up, nor has the code of the Notepad application been edited at all. What we see is exactly what we get, as the game is said to be fully playable and interactive, with no “fakery” involved.

We can’t wait to see what form Doom will appear in next, but until then we can play the game in Notepad while we wait. You can support Sam Chiet’s work over on Patreon, and follow him on Twitter for more beautifully crazy creations.

Which version of Doom is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news.

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