Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric launch trailer

Sonic Boom, the latest entry in the Sonic franchise, and last game in the Nintendo/Sega Sonic exclusivity deal is launching very soon on the Wii U and 3DS, with the 3DS seeing Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal a game I personally found dull when I played the demo and Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric which will arrive on the Wii U. As is customary when a game is approaching release a launch trailer has been released for the Wii U game Rise of Lyric.

Might I just say I am a Sonic fan but Sonic Boom honestly does nothing for me, the character redesigns shown in the trailer are horrendous and this game seems to take away from that classic Sonic brilliance of going fast. Surely I could be wrong and the designs and other such details could be better and work better then how I see them from any trailers particularly this one but still if you are a die hard fan of Sonic, own a Wii U, and are considering purchasing this game then check out the launch trailer below. It may appeal to you more then it does me, I will just wait until next year to find out fully on my thoughts on the game.

You know something the only redesign I like is Tails because it suits him, Sonic needs to lose the scarf and Knuckles needs to stay away from the steroids.

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