Sonic Collection Listings Spotted from French Retailers

A keen eye over at Sonic-dedicated news site has noticed a number of listings from French retailers referencing a Sonic Collection for the PlayStation 4 emerging. The timing for such a title would line up nicely with the 30th anniversary of the original Sonic the Hedgehog game this summer.

As of writing, French retailers SoGamely and ReplayMultimedia have both listed the title for PS4, though others may since have joined them. SoGamely also jumped the gun in listing HD remaster Sonic Colors Ultimate back in April.

Sonic Collection listing from Sogamely

Sonic Collection listing from ReplayMultimedia

The Sonic franchise has had a number of compilation titles in the past, with the last being the Sonic Classic Collection way back in 2010 for the Nintendo DS. Unfortunately, the bare bones listings give no further details or indication of which games it would be including at this time, so it’s up for speculation as to which, if any, of the previous compilations this particular Sonic Collection could be based upon for now. Similarly, it’s worth noting that the listings only reference a PS4 version, with no mention of Nintendo Switch or Xbox consoles in sight, though it seems unlikely a title like Sonic Collection wouldn’t be appearing on those systems too.

With the listings out in the open, E3 on the horizon, and the 30th anniversary not far away either, we may well be hearing more about the Sonic Collection very soon.

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