Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer #2: Less Abominations, More Jim Carrey

The latest trailer for Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) reveals a new and vastly improved design for the titular character, following the fan backlash to the initial look for Sonic. The new design, which has been met with near-unanimous support on social media, ditches the uncanny valley Hedgehog/Human hybrid, opting for a more faithful and cartoon-like rendition of the Sega mascot.

The trailer also showcases more of Jim Carrey’s anticipated performance as the iconic villain, Dr. Ivo Robotnik which – while extremely different to his Video Game counterpart in terms of appearance – is also being met with approval.  In this second look at the 2020 film, we learn that this Sonic is from a “different planet” and came to Earth to escape those who want to steal his power of running faster than the speed of sound. Dr. Robotnik makes it his mission to take it from himself and conquer the universe.

This new look also came with a much more lighthearted tone, filled with more jokes than the first teaser that dropped in April this year. However, some fans may be disappointed that Paramount decided against using Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio in the trailer again, so it’s unsure if this will make its way into the final film, or was scrapped alongside the original Sonic design.

Sonic The Hedgehog hits theaters February 14, 2020, making it, of course, the perfect Valentine’s date. Originally slated for a November 2019 release, this was pushed back after the first trailer was met with severe backlash.

What do you think of this new look? Is this enough to win you over? Check out the new trailer below.

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