Sony Officially Confirms PlayStation 5 Name and Release Window

Sony has officially confirmed the name of their next-gen console, PlayStation 5 (unsurprisingly) and has slated the release window for Holiday 2020. Sony skipped out on E3 earlier this year where details were hoped to be released. With the announcement of the release date, more details have come to light.

We, at GameLuster, have covered previously disclosed details on the site and so here are some more of the questions answered so far.

What games will be available on the PS5?

So far there have been no confirmed games for the PS5. The closest thing to confirm is the Final Fantasy VII remake but it isn’t confirmed as a cross-generational release.

Square Enix’s president and CEO Yosuke Matsuda told Game Informer in an interview, “I believe that our teams have made it so that the game will support both the next generation and the current generation of consoles. I believe it is being developed so that it is going to be playable on both, so I’m not really concerned about that and I believe that the fans are also going to be able to enjoy it on both, including the next-generation of consoles.”

There was also the rumor that Death Stranding would also be releasing on PS5. Sony had refused to directly answer, stating that it was as one of many that “PlayStation fans have … to look forward to on PS4.”

Bluepoint Games, who were responsible for the remake of Shadow of Colossus, Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection, have stated in an interview with Wired they were working a game for PS5 and it is a “big one.”

What will the new controller be like?

Sony has also announced a lot of changes with the new controller shipped with the PS5. The biggest change will be the shift from rumble technology used in most PS generations to a haptic feedback technology. With the haptic, players would be to experience a broader range of feedback such as cars crashing into walls would feel different than being tackled in football. There would also be a differing feel of textures such as walking through mud and running in the grass.

Sony has also mentioned implementing “adaptive trigger” technology incorporated in the L2/R2 triggers. Developers would be able to program the resistance of the triggers so that players could be able to feel sensations such as the increased tension of drawing a bow or the pressure of driving in rough terrain.

The controller has not been officially called the Dual Shock 5 though.

What UI changes would the PS5 bring?

System Architect, Mark Cerny stated that PS5’s revamped UI will allow players to join multiplayer lobbies or start single-player missions without even booting the game. Cerny explains, “Even though it will be fairly fast to boot games, we don’t want the player to have to boot the game, see what’s up, boot the game, see what’s up. Multiplayer game servers will provide the console with the set of joinable activities in real-time. Single-player games will provide information like what missions you could do and what rewards you might receive for completing them—and all of those choices will be visible in the UI. As a player, you just jump right into whatever you like.”

While there are no further details on the price point or the exclusives, Sony is making ambitious strides with the hardware. We should be expecting to hear more when it gets closer to the release date next year.

What do you think of the PS5? Which would you buy, PS5 or Xbox Scarlet? Let us know in the comments below.

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