Sony returns Vote to Play for March Playstation Plus games

Sony grabbed Playstation Plus subscribers interests last year when they revealed the vote to play feature, this allowed subscribers to vote for a game out of a choice of three and the one with the most votes would be free for the month. Unfortunately Sony quickly made the feature vanish much to the dismay of fans but this temporary dismissal was just that temporary as Sony has revealed Vote to Play has returned.

For the month of March Sony is offering us the opportunity to vote for one of three games which will be free all month long, among the games that can be voted for include Assault Android Cactus, Action Henk as well as Broforce. The voting will commence on February 9th and closes February 22nd, and you can vote either via the Playstation Store, or on the Playstation 4 home screen. Honestly I will be skipping the voting for this month as none of these games look overally appealing to me, so I will look forward to seeing if the games turn out to be any good based on others votes.

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