Splatoon coming May 29th, Splatoon Amiibo officially announced

We have spent weeks debating what is going on with Splatoon, there have been countless rumors from multiple people suggesting the game had been delayed, that the game would have Amiibo support and a whole lot of other things. Today Nintendo set the record straight with their Nintendo Direct and it is official Splatoon has not been delayed, Nintendo confirmed today that Splatoon would arrive on the Wii Uon May 29th.

Nintendo also officially confirmed that Splatoon will also be receiving Amiibo support, the Amiibo figures rumored weeks ago as Boy and Girl are both official Amiibo coming to the game. The Amiibo usage in the game also seems to be quite effective, in the game by scanning the Amiibo on your Gamepad you will receive missions to complete which will reward you with gear and weapons that can’t be received by general game means. Different Amiibo will have different missions to complete and each will award different rewards to carry over into the game with some helpful items.

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