Splatoon developers didn’t want the game to be based on a Nintendo franchise

GameRader recently got the chance to sit down with Splatoon producer Hisashi Nogami. During their conversation Nogami spoke about how the team wanted “to not get too caught up in Nintendo’s already existing franchises”.

Nagomi had this to say:

“We went through a period of creating lots of prototypes. We didn’t want a franchise-based game, so we made a bunch of prototypes and one of those prototypes happened to be the game that became Splatoon. The idea was ‘something fun, something new, something different,’ not ‘a shooter.’”

We all know that playing other games can influence how others get made, Nagomi spoke about how playing other people games impacted the creation of new games:

“The development team is made up of people who play games a lot, and among them are people who play shooting games a lot, including Mr. [Yusuke] Amano, one of the game’s directors, who I’ve heard has spent his college years playing Perfect Dark. As game designers who play games, you can’t really help observing things you like and don’t like, and having those have some degree of influence on your thinking. The best way to express this is that it forms a base of thought that you bring into game development, but it doesn’t directly influence the game development.”

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