Splatoon Global Testfire returning later this month

Last week Nintendo ran a really successful event with the Splatoon Global Testfire which raised interest in the game and gave Wii U owners the chance to get an early play of the game, and it was worth it. The only problem with it was their was only three one hour long blocks meaning some people missed out based on bad timing in their country and because many hoped that Nintendo would choose to run the event again. I am pleased to say happy days as Nintendo has announced that Splatoon Global Testfire will receive one more run.

Don’t delete that demo just yet as you could have a chance to get your hands on Splatoon on Sunday June 24th in Japan, meanwhile the rest of the world will see the event run on Saturday 23rd at the following times:

3 PM – 4 PM PT (Saturday)
6 PM – 7 PM ET (Saturday)
11 PM – 12 AM in the UK (Saturday into Sunday)
8 AM – 9 AM in Australia (Saturday)

Based on these times the only ones who should be missing out this time is residents in the UK which is a shame for them but America seems to have some much better times. So mark your calender and get ready for ink wars.

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