Splatoon image (3/4/15) plus gameplay snippet

Ready for something cute and fluffy in Splatoon, well that is exactly what is being shown in today’s image from the game. What we are seeing is a….. sleeping cat? Yes I believe that is the case, we are looking at the slightly big sleeping cat, hm I wonder what his or her purpose is in Splatoon, which is what is explained in today’s message as well as some information on the worlds most adorable pet, cats:

In between judging turf battles, you can find Judd sleeping around the entrance to the tower in the Plaza.
Cats sleep so much that there’s a theory that their [Japanese] name derives from ‘sleeping child’.
They say that the older the cat, the more they sleep, but just how old is Judd?
He seems like he’s got a very relaxed way of sleeping.

One of our field researchers sent us a video of Judd sleeping.
Our image division has recently been focused on video, it seems.
It’s been bothering me for a while, but Judd has an oddly shaped tail.
Speaking of, I’ve heard that a cat’s tail will split in two as they get older and they will become a ghoul [specifically, a ‘youkai’ in Japanese].
You don’t think…

Are you excited yet? Well if that is not enough to get you excited then there was also a gameplay snippet featuring the cat, time to waste thirty seconds seeing if the cat does anything exciting.

You know what I give up I can not make this exciting.

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