Square Enix Finally Show Off Kingdom Hearts 3 for Xbox One

Square Enix surprised Kingdom Hearts fans a few years ago when they revealed that Kingdom Hearts 3 would come to Xbox One, a series first. For years fans were left to wonder whether this would actually happen as nothing of the Xbox One version was ever shown, but Microsoft’s E3 presentation finally showed off Kingdom Hearts 3 for the Xbox One for the first time.

The trailer for the game showed some things that have been shown, and some new content as well. We finally got to see the Frozen world in action as we see Sora and friends interacting with Anna, Hans, and Elsa, and getting excited over Olaf. The trailer also showed off the return of the Gummi Ship.

The biggest reveal is what happened to Aqua in the realm of darkness following the events of 0.2 Final Chapter Prologue. There is a lot to take in from the trailer which will interest series fans. You can check out the latest trailer below.

The release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 was also revealed last night.

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