Square Enix has brought the remake of Final Fantasy Adventure to the Playstation Vita

Square Enix is presently celebrating a major milestone for their Mana series, and with this they have brought forward a remake of a 1991 game boy classic Final Fantasy Adventure/ Adventures of Mana. Earlier this year Square Enix brought the remade version of the game to mobile platforms as Adventure of Mana, but those who would prefer to play on a proper game system will be happy with some good news.

Square Enix has now released the remake of the game known as Adventures of Mana on the Playstation Vita, still capturing the classic element of handheld. This version of the game is available on the Playstation Store for $14 for those interested, and personally if you wish to play this and have a Playstation Vita I would recommend this version.

Those who would rather play the mobile version however will be happy to know that Square Enix has also reduced the prices for Secret of Mana, as well as Adventures of Mana for the anniversary of the franchise.

Those interested in the remake of this classic game will be treated to improved visuals, reworked menus and a rearranged soundtrack from Final Fantasy Adventure composer Kenji Ito. However if you were a fan of the original and would rather a dose of nostalgia, the original version of the background music is available in the game.

One final thought, if this is a Gameboy classic why is this not on my 3DS?


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