Star Fox Zero will not feature Amiibo support that unlocks exclusive content or abilities

One of the things that annoy people about Amiibo figures is that in many games Nintendo locks content for the game unless you have the required Amiibo. This was done in things like Splatoon and even Mario Party 10, featuring a section of the game that was unavailable unless you had the specific Amiibo, this is becoming more and more common in games, particularly as Nintendo puts Amiibo support in just about all of their games. We already know Nintendo is planning to have Star Fox Zero feature Amiibo support, however reassuringly Star Fox Zero will not feature Amiibo support that locks content.

During E3 last week, Shigeru Miyamoto spoke to Kotaku and told them Amiibo usage in Star Fox Zero will be on the lighter side of things. Unlike past games usage Star Fox Zero will not be featuring Amiibo that hides content or unlocks abilities, in fact we actually don’t know what Nintendo plans with this, though by lighter side I would take to suggest some sort of customization feature within the game, only time will tell. Here is what Miyamoto had to say on the matter:

“In terms of being able to unlock content, I don’t really want to go down that path. For this game, I think of it more as, for people who have the Amiibo, they’re going to get a little something extra and that’s how I’m planning on it with this game. So rather than actual abilities or things like that changing in the game, it would be like getting a different skin for the Arwing or something like that.”

“So, I don’t really want to talk about Nintendo in general today, but in terms of what I’m doing with Star Fox, I’m really not thinking about there being locked content or there being a mode that you won’t be able to play if you don’t have one. Since we already have the existing Smash Bros. Amiibos I basically want to put in something so if you already have those Amiibos, I imagine people will try and tap them on Star Fox anyway, and I want to make sure there is something that gives them a nice charge when they do that.”



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