Starfield: How To Find The Apollo 11 Landing Site

The prevailing scientific theory is that our Moon exists because of a massive asteroid crashing into the earth, which sent enormous, fiery rocks hurtling into space. A collection of those molten remains eventually molded together over many more millions of years, becoming our bright, shiny, crater-filled Moon. Somewhere on that great big orb is a series of undisturbed boot prints and an unassuming flag, perched exactly in the manner it was planted more than half a century ago.

There is absolutely no shortage of quests, treasure hunts, planetary exploration, and more in Bethesda’s mammoth new RPG, Starfield. In fact, for those of us who have been lost in space since the early access dropped last week (for me, that tally exceeds 40 hours), it’s no doubt more dense and overwhelming than anyone previously thought. But there’s one particular quest that, though small in nature, is the perfect early stepping stone into the vast cosmos of Starfield: finding the historic Apollo 11 landing site within the game itself. Because yes, it’s there and yes, you can go hang out there and snap a few touristy photos!

To start the quest, you’ll need to have unlocked access to the city of New Atlantis on Jemison and been given access to Constellation and their Lodge. All of this happens very early in the main quest, so you should have it unlocked within the first hour or so. Once you have free reign to explore the Lodge, you’ll want to head upstairs and survey the bedrooms until you find Matteo’s. You’ll know it by the floor pillows and mat. On his desk you’ll find Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal. Reading it will share the story of how he managed to find the fabled site for himself, and will unlock the mission for you.

sir livingstone s second journal starfield
Sir Livingstone’s journal, admiring the impressive feats of the original Apollo 11 crew.

From there, you can either take the long way through New Atlantis and take in the sights and sounds (maybe do a little shopping?) or fast travel to your ship. You’ll want to jump from the Alpha Centauri system to the Sol System, a jump that should be possible despite your ship’s lower-end specs. You should then see a marker over Luna, which is the name used to refer to Earth’s Moon within the game. From there, simply target the landing site and touch down!

On exiting your ship, you should see the American flag and the Apollo 11 Lunar Module right in front of you. They’re rather unassuming at first glance, but marvelous when taking in the gorgeous Milky Way line of stars above you. To complete the quest, simply walk up to the Lunar Module and hop inside. You should see the Apollo Snow Globe sitting within the Module itself. Grabbing it should complete the quest.

Starfield Moon
One small step for man, one giant leap for hyperspace travel.

And that’s it! Short and sweet, but definitely with an air of wholesomeness to it. In the early game of Starfield, there isn’t a whole lot of need to venture into our native solar system, so taking a few minutes outside of your busy galactic schedule for a trip home is kinda nice. And now you have a snazzy little snow globe to decorate your next high rise or outpost. Sounds like a win to me!

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