Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Earn Moonstones

Moonstones are the premium currency in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Bundles of them can be purchased in the “Shop” menu for real-world money. However, unlike some other premium currencies, Dreamlight Valley players can also earn Moonstones without spending a single cent. Collecting Moonstones is important, as they can be used to purchase exclusive clothing, furniture, Animal Companions, Villager outfits, and more. 

Recently, with the addition of “Dream Bundles,” Moonstones can even buy additional quests and other story content. The first Dream Bundle, “Dapper WALL-E,” costs a whopping 4000 Moonstones. It may seem impossible to earn that many without resorting to spending real money – but it is definitely not! This guide will cover all of the best free methods to earn lots of Moonstones in a short amount of time in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Look For Blue Chests

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Once every real-world day, blue and green chests will appear around the various Biomes of Disney Dreamlight Valley. The green chests contain Star Coins, furniture items, or clothing, while the blue chests contain 50 Moonstones. Each day when you log in to Disney Dreamlight Valley, you should make it a priority to look around the Biomes of your valley and find and open your daily blue chest. The amount daily Moonstones might seem small, but they can quickly add up if you collect them regularly – if you collect a chest every day, you can earn a total of 350 Moonstones per week!

Complete Star Paths


Every few months, Disney Dreamlight Valley introduces a new Star Path event. These ongoing events challenge players to complete various tasks around the valley in exchange for themed rewards. While some of the rewards you can collect include clothes, furniture, and decorative Motifs, you can also find several bundles of Moonstones along each Star Path. Plus, at the end of each Star Path, you can exchange any bonus Star Path tokens for extra Moonstones!

Each Star Path offers a Premium option, where you can spend some Moonstones to unlock additional rewards and more tasks that you can complete. In general, you will be able to make up the spent Moonstones if you complete the entire Star Path and collect every Moonstone reward available. So, if you feel that you are able to complete every task in a Star Path before it expires, you may wish to consider using some of your saved Moonstones to purchase the Premium version of the path.

Participate In DreamSnaps Challenges


The Summer 2023 update to Disney Dreamlight Valley introduced the new DreamSnaps mode, coming to the Valley alongside new character Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-it Ralph. DreamSnaps is a new mode in which players are challenged to take a picture featuring certain elements (clothing, furniture, characters, etc.) These photographs are then shared with other players, who can vote on which ones they think best fulfill the theme.

Currently, one DreamSnaps challenge is available to participate in every week, with new challenges starting on Wednesdays. You can earn Moonstones in two ways. First, vote on other players’ pictures at least five times per week to earn a total of 50 Moonstones. Second, you can earn varying amount of Moonstones at the end of each week depending on how your submission was scored by other players. These Moonstones will be delivered to the Mailbox outside your house in the Valley once a DreamSnaps challenge has finished.


If you follow all of the tips in this article, you can earn large amounts of Moonstones in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The key is to play regularly every day and take advantage of each new Star Path and DreamSnaps Challenge. Plus, don’t forget to keep an eye on the Disney Dreamlight Valley social media for any announcements regarding new ways to earn Moonstones in the future.

What is your favorite method of earning Moonstones in Disney Dreamlight Valley? What have you spent your Moonstones on so far? Comment below and let us know!

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