Steamworld Heist release date announced

Steamworld Heist is literally just around the corner, Image & Form has today revealed the release date for their upcoming game and when fans will be able to play it. The studio has revealed that the game will arrive on December 10th for North America, Europe and Australia and for the time being will arrive exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS with other consoles arriving at a later date.

The studio has also revealed that Japanese players will have to wait a little longer for the game to arrive with no confirmed release date made at this time.

Price wise the game will be a bit pricier then Steamworld Dig and will arrive for $20 / €20 / £15, however from launch until December 31, it will be on sale for $17 / €17 / £12.

Those who adopt the game for the 3DS before the end of December will be receiving a free 3DS home menu theme.

You can see a trailer for the game below:

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