Study shows that there is a lot of interest in smart toys, hopeful prospect for Amiibo

Skylanders and Disney Infinity have really set the trend for the future of gaming, the idea of smart toys which go into the game have really made quite an impact on the child gamer as well as also a good portion of other gamer’s including this writer who is quite happy with his Skylanders and very much looking forward to the new Disney Infinity. There has been a survey done recently that asked how well people were interested in the idea of Smart Toys, this study was done by Gamebyte and found that over 72 million children are interested in purchasing these special types of toys. Here is a complete summary of everything the found:

  • 72 million children are interested in owning ‘Smart Toys’
  • The US has plenty of choice in the market already
  • Growth opportunities exist in emerging gamer markets – China, Brazil, Russia where 90%+ of gamers age 6-12 are interested in smart toys
  • GameByte thinks that LEGO Fusion and Amiibo will help the market further

This is certainly interesting and I hope this will mean well for Nintendo and the Amiibo. I am hoping that this continues down this path my only hope if this path continue is that these toys will get cheaper or at least the games themselves will get cheaper.

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